JEHST 'Starting Over'
2011 | 2 mins, 56 secs | HD [Canon 5D]

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Tasked with creating a comeback video, I developed a real world fictional narrative in which Jehst had become a postman, leading to a highly viewed first video of Jehst delivering letters, filmed by some weirdo by the youtube name of wwwdotnet. Then came part 2, flipping the phone vid into a music video.

Much fun was had trolling...

artist _ Jehst
label _ YNR Productions

production co _ Studio Murmur
director / producer_ Ian Pons Jewell
assistant producer _ Tamas Jakics, Bruno Travers

dop / steadicam _ Doug Walshe
focus puller _ Max Mallen

stylist _ Miranda Florence Boucher

editor _ Gaia Borretti
dubbing mixer _ Tim Harrison

Jyager and Kid Kanevil
United Vibrations
Stig of the Dump
Micall Parknsun

Special Guests
SEPST*RI & Jonny Morton-Clark

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