RUDE KID 'Jack Daniels'
2009 | 3 mins, 48 secs | HDV, 35mm lenses

A young lady meets her best friend for lunch. After much debate, they decide that a salad is by far the best way to "keep the booty away". Half-way through their conversation she remembers her car is double parked; out to the big wide world of gastric possibilities she goes.

artist _ Rude Kid
label _ No Hoods No Hats

production co _ Studio Murmur
director_ Ian Pons Jewell
producer _ Jesse Vile

dop _ Job Reineke

editor _ Gaia Borretti
compositing _ Tommy Nagle
colourist _ Matt King

Employee _ Damian Le Bas
Wife _ Candice Nergard
Daughter _
Rude kid as Rude Kid